Leapin’ Lizards!

Thursday I was sitting here at the desk, minding my own business when from the corner of my eye, I saw movement behind the blinds here at the bedroom window.

Before I could look and see what moved, it vaulted from the window to the desk & skittered across like he owned the place.

He was promptly caught & pitched out the back door, over the heads of the cats, into a nice bush.  He looked happy.

Friday morning, I was fixing my breakfast, when once again I saw something on the floor just as I was about to make a step.  Figured it was a spider, stepped back, looked again and saw-

Once again, tossed this one over the cats’ heads to the bush.

Yesterday was lizardless.  But today I am sitting in the recliner & see this scoot across the floor-

Now, I love wildlife, but I’ve had enough of my house being a lizard sanctuary.  I tossed that little son of a bitch straight to the cats.

If he lives, maybe he’ll go back & tell the others to STAY OUT!


Saying F It Thankfulness Day 2

Today, after a danged good meal of turkey & gravy, new potatoes with cream sauce, turnip greens, carrot souffle & apple pie-

I am thankful to have time to cook really good meals again.

I feel VERY guilty if my family eats much that comes from the freezer, a box or a can.  Heating it up isn’t cooking and if I’m not cooking, I’m not fulfilling my duty as a woman.  At least that’s how it feels.

Have a great rest of Sunday afternoon & while you’re dreading Monday, just think- I’ll be turning over & going back to sleep.