Hey, at least I was getting paid!

Today was spent signing & dating paperwork and watching videos.

HIPAA, policies, procedures, Universal Precautions, fire fighting (without running in circles, screaming WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!), facility tours, paperwork, paperwork & paperwork all in duplicate triplet quadruplet.


I got paid to do all that shit!


It’s been over a year since I had a job.  I’ve scrimped, I’ve saved, I’ve skipped new clothes when I needed them, I’ve bought day old bread & meat & milk that was about to go out of date (run home, freeze what won’t be used immediately).

I’ve taken advantage of good friends & family that have helped me when they could.

Finally, I’m going to be in a position to pay off bills that are about 30 days behind, save a little, put a new roof on the house & new carpet in it…and hopefully live a little too.

I miss steaks & occasionally eating out, being able to buy gas to go see the family when I want to, buying a cute shirt I happen upon in the store.

I’ve paid my dues and now at $20/hr, I’m hoping it’s time to reap some rewards.

It would behoove many to learn that nothing in life comes easy, sacrifices (that actually hurt dammit) have to be made at some point, & if you put in an honest day’s work, you may be tired, but you feel better about yourself.

Now, I gotta get ready for work again tomorrow.  I’m on the floor 0700-1900, wish me luck. 😉