Quick update

For the most part, Daddy is much better this week.

It took FIVE days for the gabapentin to totally clear his system.

The confusion is long gone, but the arrhythmia remains.

He’s supposed to have electro cardioversion next Monday, so please keep him in your prayers.

It’s really tough to watch someone go from 100% fully functioning (as in working a 40+ hour a week job, doing strenuous labor, with fully functioning mental capacity) to not knowing why he’s “in this place” (his own home), seeing things that aren’t there, talking about things nobody else is privy to and being unable to walk, hold his own fork, etc… in a matter of less than 24 hours.

It’s especially tough when it’s your Daddy, who’s not just your hero, but your number one fan…

He can now walk, talk & chew bubble gum all at once again, he’s just got a heart trying to march to a different drum.  Here’s hoping the amiodarone and Digoxin work and the shock isn’t necessary!!


Something I meant to get around to posting last week-

I made a 90+ year old man cry yesterday and I’m glad of it in a way.

He is a WWII vet…I thanked him for his service and sacrifices (as well as the sacrifices his family made over the years) for our country.

And he cried…because he’d never had that said to him. He was smiling as he cried and invited me to come back for supper one evening. How sweet is that?

I love my patients dearly.

Doctors don’t know everything

Neither do nurses, but damn…

Spinal stenosis and herniated discs are the current things diagnosed. 

Gonna try non-surgical treatment, considering age.  Fair enough.

Gabapentin prescribed.  Four doses in and my Mom calls me nearly in tears.

Confusion and hallucinations.  Tremors. 

Par for the course with gabapentin, should resolve.


I went and ran a head to toe…didn’t like what I found.

O2 satting around 92%.  Meh, could be worse.
BP 120/68.  That’s good.
Heart rate…holy shit.  Pulse ox is going from 70 to 120 to 65….
Apical pulse, 96 and irregular as hell.

“But the doctor said…”.

So, I called the MD who prescribed…that’s not a problem with gabapentin, keep taking it.

Um, NO.

Called cardiologist.  GET HIM OFF THAT SHIT NOW and he’ll be fine in 12-18 hours.

Six hours later, heart rate is still up near 80 (normally 60) BUT it is beating regularly again.

I don’t care what the doctor said it should/shouldn’t do…when someone’s heart rate goes from 60 to 96 and from regular to irregular 24 hours after starting a medication, something ain’t right.



I’m doing something I usually don’t do.  Please, pray for my Mama & Daddy.  He’s having some troubles- they’re pretty big and I’d like to leave it at that.

Just please, pray for them both.


What a week last week was…I worked almost as much overtime as regular work time. 

Several coworkers out (same people, new sicknesses), a flood of new patients and a few other contributing factors leading to long days & short weekends.

Thankfully, I’m off on-call, too.  Two calls is all I got this week- “Can I take off my socks?” and “Mama won’t take her medications (at 0030!!), will you come make her take them?”.

Yes. (Are you really that dumb?)


NO!  My job isn’t to ram medications down someone’s mother’s throat at 0100!  Especially when I later find out THEY’RE NOT EVEN OUR PATIENT!!

Monday was an actual relief.  Today was okay, until I got home.  The house stunk to high hell.  Seems not too much earlier, The Husband took The Wiggle Dog out.  She proceeded to come back in and take a massive dump on the floor, then apparently spotted a baby lizard who had made his way inside.  Said Pile O’ Dump was between The Wiggle Dog & The Lizard.

Therefore, she stomped through it, numerous times.

The Lizard’s obituary will be placed later.

The Wiggle Dog’s obituary may be forthcoming.

Until then…

bad wiggles

And yes, my kitchen floor needs mopping.  Anybody willing to do it, report to my house sometime after 1600 tomorrow.

I keep repeating to myself

It’s all good, the patient didn’t fall.

She started falling, but she didn’t reach the floor.

It’s all good.

My back disagrees with me on several different levels.

Advil isn’t touching it, ice isn’t helping.  Running a boiling hot bath to see if that helps and gonna take a muscle relaxer after the bath (if I take it before, I may have to spend the night IN the tub) and praying that helps.

The patient kissed me for saving her ass…and her head…and her hip, most likely.



One must wonder

How many lives have been turned upside down by something like…

nekkid twister

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