my VIP guest had a nice time.  He didn’t run to get to his truck & didn’t hurtle up the driveway at 80 mph, so I’m hoping that’s a good sign.


NFO & James, who was on his way to work-

NFO & me- with longer hair to go with the nursing license! 😀

And yep, I’ve got his face blurred out for a purpose.  Not everybody likes their mug on the net. 😉

On a final note- Come back soon, NFO!


I Can Haz Companiez

I’m having a VIP for early supper tomorrow night & I am pretty danged excited to get to see this person.

By request, I’m serving fried chicken.

Adding to the request- biscuits, gravy, butter peas, potato salad, carrot souffle, cherries jubilee salad, Red Velvet cake & Key Lime cake.

Hopefully, he won’t feel the need to stop at McDonald’s after leaving here. 🙂