You know you’re in rural GA

When half the county turns out to search for an elderly man who’d not been seen in three days.

Dogs, chopper, & half the county started looking for him at 0730 yesterday morning.  He was an avid hunter & trapper who lived alone.  Not sure who noticed he wasn’t around, but they reported it.   They were combing the area once used as Georgia’s capitol when Atlanta was under attack by Sherman, Heard’s Fort, pretty much expecting to find him dead.

Surprisingly, he was not dead & is now in the hospital in Augusta.

The thing that proves it was a Southern incident- His name was LyeBaby & everybody knew him.  😀

Hopefully, he’ll be alright.

ETA:  He was found and still alive.  Last I heard, he was in the hospital.  Haven’t heard anything since, so I don’t know what his condition is.