Racism IS Alive & Well In the Deep South!

If anyone tries to tell you different, don’t believe them.  However, it’s not still alive in the old fashioned blacks should be in the cotton field way like some would like you to believe.

Case in point- (all places & names have been changed)

I put in for a job at Bulldog Way Nursing home where I did my preceptorship because they made a REALLY good monetary offer AND I really liked it there.

I was to start the minute I got my license number and had already gone for the interview with the administrator last week. I called five minutes after I got my license number Monday, but it was after five, so they took my info & said I’d be called first thing Tuesday morning.

Waited & waited Tuesday & at 1100 when I still hadn’t heard anything, I called them. Got the black administrative assistant. She was “just fixing to call” me. She set me up to come in Wednesday to fill out the rest of the paperwork, do the drug test, etc…

Yesterday morning, I was out with the dogs & the assistant called me and left the message that they couldn’t get to me yesterday, they were just too busy & she would call me back “later this week or maybe next week”. I wasn’t happy. Drove straight to the local  nursing home (NOT the one with the pissy sick leave policy), filled out paperwork, peed in their cup, etc… I start there prn (as needed) tomorrow.

Well, after I got home I got to thinking how much I *WANT* to work in Bulldogs’, so I made it a point to call to speak to the DON at 7 this morning, before Monique, the assistant, came in.

The DON hadn’t made it in at that time, they said she’d be in at 8:00, so I called back. Of course I got Monique & she told me the DON wasn’t in.

Hung up, handed the phone to the husband & he called asking to speak to Sally, the DON,  & he was put through to her. (30 SECONDS after I was told she wasn’t there).

She told him to tell me to call her back in 30 minutes- to tell the admin assistant who I was & that she was expecting my call.

I did so & the admin assistant told me Sally was in an important meeting & couldn’t be disturbed. Asked her when it would be over & she said it would last ALL day.

Called back an hour later, reiterated that I was told to call at that time, etc… She had to “check”, then told me Sally was still in the meeting and she “just really don’t know” when it would be over.

I was sorta pissy by this point. Got my bath, got dressed & drove down there.
A) Monique nearly shit her pants when she saw me walk in & walk right by her desk, going straight to the DON’s office.
B) Sally had not been in ANY meetings today- she thought I was just not calling her back.
C) Sally did not cancel yesterday’s meeting, in fact, she’d been told that **I** called and canceled. When I told her I still had the message where Monique had called & canceled it, her eyes got huge and I’m pretty sure I saw steam coming out of her ears.
D) Seems there is a black girl interested in the job…Monique was giving her the appts, canceling mine & making it look like I was the one sloughing off and not interested to boot.

So yep, racism is alive & well around here…too bad nobody is willing to admit where it’s coming from though. >.<

I start Tuesday at Bulldogs’. I just wonder if Monique will still be there?  Sally looked none too happy as I was leaving and she was heading into the Administrator’s office…