Another one bites the dust


Damned coyotes have been howling and running through the yard in packs again the last few nights.  They have a severe dislike for Scout, who sounds like a wolf when he howls.

They also have a severe dislike for the 30-30 now too.

I love the way they roll ass over tea kettle when it does its job.

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  1. Old NFO
    Sep 11, 2009 @ 15:46:47

    hehehe- Some bleached skulls for the fence posts 🙂

  2. JRShirley
    Sep 11, 2009 @ 17:02:10

    Tell me you have pics…

    Good seeing you today! Sorry I was tired.


  3. snigsspot
    Sep 11, 2009 @ 17:59:01

    Photos at 2:00 a.m., in the dark? Negative.

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