Like the banner says-

Happy HOWLoween.

Mine’s sorta mixed up.  We were invited to a party, but it turns out yesterday was the party, not this evening.

I just looked at the emails though-

“Hey Cindy, what are y’all doing for Halloween?”
“Nothing really, why?”.
“My kids are having a party and want y’all and the kids to come.”.
“Oh neat, yeah, we’d love to.  What time?”.


I took it as the party was on Halloween….since we don’t tend to “celebrate” Halloween Hanukkah style.

I guess I’m guilty of assuming and yeah, I know what assuming does.

Anyway, the kids came up with the alternate plan, now that the party is over and done with- we’ll go eat as a family, the kids in their costumes, then David will take responsibility for walking Molly door-to-door and she will trick-or-treat.

I can live with that.


Happy Halloween, Y’all.  Stay safe, have fun and don’t eat yourself into a diabetic coma when munchin’ on those treats!

RT Said It!

RT used a word she claims she loves last night- incredulous.

Gotta love that word for many reasons- the way it rolls off the tongue being one of them.

Anyway, I found myself feeling rather incredulous yesterday afternoon.

Must say I’m still completely, utterly & totally dumbfounded by the way some adults out there (okay, okay.  A good portion of adults out there.) continue to act as if they are two when something is said they don’t like.  Especially when it’s a) said in partial jest, b) not of any real consequence, & c) honest to goodness the way I felt at that moment.

Oh well, Adult Twos- carry on.  Thankfully, I don’t have to babysit you.

How could 4 days seem like 400?

Don’t know what it’s been about this week, but damn it’s seemed like a long one.

I’m pooped.

The kids are out of school tomorrow, so we’re trying to get some work done tonight where we can get out and goof off a bit tomorrow.

I’ve got to get the last half of Tuna Christmas memorized some time or another.

Halloween party Saturday night that I’ve got to get a cake made and decorated for tomorrow.

Got to go to Macon Monday for a nursing conference.

Three exams next week, plus midterms.

I feel like burnt toast already…must be time to quit thinking about next week and concentrate on impending doom fun this weekend.  Molly wanted to be Carrie, but we couldn’t find a crinoline to fit under her “prom dress” in time, so she’s being a sorceress instead.  David has his Jason costume together already.  I’m wondering should I be concerned with both children wanting to be psycho murderers for Halloween…

Y’all have a great weekend!

Happy Halloween!

Clinical Orientation

Nice facility this time.  Open, airy, clean, well-maintained.  Amazing the difference in a more privately run place and a government run place.

No patients just stuck out in the halls, looking (and acting) pitiful.

No equipment up and down the halls, clogging them beyond words.

Government run health care, yip-fuckin-eeee! /sarcasm

Seriously, it was a nice place and I look forward to working there the next few weeks.  I just wish it wasn’t over 60 miles away.


Speaking of Scary-

Short-haired Snigs.  Le sigh.


Just in time to scare the husband at Halloween

Next Tuesday’s lesson-

Insertion of a Foley Catheter.


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