Take a Week off and What do You Get?

A bunch of disgruntled patients; to work lots of overtime & weekends; a house that looks like Hell’s Half Acre; etc…

They pulled in several “agency nurses” to cover for me the week my father-in-law died.  Funny it takes SEVERAL to do the job I have been doing, but that’s not the point.  What have I heard for the past week and a half? 

I couldn’t understand him

She made my wound hurt more/She hurt me.

The same person never came twice.

My bandages were falling off before bedtime.

They didn’t act like they knew what they were doing.

He never listened to my heart or lungs!

Nobody ever came at the time they said they would.

Nobody even showed up.

Okay, so I’ve spoiled my patients, but damn- nobody listened to my CHF patients’ lungs?  They HURT MY patients?  Nobody even showed up?  That shit doesn’t fly well with me.

I don’t care what “kind” of nurse you are, basic common knowledge should apply!

So, I’ve got my patients back in their happy places again.  Now, I have a metric shit ton of paper work to catch up on…  However, on a positive note, I was the only person in the entire office to get a Merit Raise and for a change, it’s of decent size!

My house really, really looks like Hell.  The “good” stuff from the father-in-law’s house is piled up in the middle of my livingroom floor.  It all needs extensive cleaning.  I’ve got a 50 gallon tub of papers to still go through and I’m still hoping to find some sort of insurance paperwork.

We found two safe deposit box keys yesterday…with no clue what bank they belong to.

The post office won’t let us forward the mail to here since we don’t have power of attorney…

This shit is for the birds!

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  1. Old NFO
    Sep 30, 2014 @ 20:15:47

    Ouch… But congrats on the raise! 🙂

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