Smack me if I complain again of “lack of subject matter”


a) Today started with a 5 hour meeting.  It was a hen fest.  I don’t do hen fests very well.

b) I got a new patient who was described to me in the following way:
     Go there last.  It smells.  I mean REALLY smells.  The roaches are abundant.  The teeth are few.  I’m pretty sure I heard banjos playing in
     background.  The sister has a closed circuit camera in the patient’s room and will watch the visit.  Seriously, make that your last visit of the day.

Looks like I’ll be back to using Raid! as eau de toilette.  Lovely.

c) I get home (late) and get a call from my Mom.  While they were coming home from a MD appointment, they were involved in a car accident.  They’re fine, it was a low speed thing, but still.  Yep, it’s the point in life where I’m worrying as much about them as they did about me in the past.

d) My back is killing me.  Calcium spurs out the wazoo are being a pain in the upper ass.

I was thinking about running away earlier.  Alaska or the Bahamas.  But then I remembered Alaska has big frickin’ bears and the Bahamas have hurricanes.

Le sigh.  At least tomorrow is Tuesday…



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  1. oldnfo
    Feb 20, 2014 @ 00:25:50

    I’d ALMOST trade ya… 8 @#$% hours of meetings today, and two more days of this… sigh

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