Someone asked

Where I’ve been & why I haven’t been posting.

Well, the short version- when my partner left at work, I spent a few weeks working by myself and I was busier than a cat covering crap in the sandbox of life.

Then, she was replaced- by a complete moron.  I was busier than the cat by that point.

Then, the moron left.  And I got even busier.

But now, the old partner has returned- she missed me that much, don’t ya know?

And I’ve been in a period of recovery.


And everything got busy…again.

Harmony has been lacking in my life on more than the job level.  Marital bliss has been interrupted by more like marital strife.  I’ve got a soon-to-be 18 year old kid who is flexing his muscles.  My mother has been in only what could be considered “a mood”. 

The place I work for has been bought out & we’re supposed to find out if our jobs will be “offered” to us by the end of December.

And the husband found out the prison he’s been working out will be emptying out the lovely residents- back to the streets- and will be refilled with WEMENS. 

I’ve still got so much to tell you all about the moron.  He was always up to some funny, whacky hijinks.  Actually, he wasn’t.  But if you don’t laugh at his level of stupidity, you’d cry.  You’re gonna have to trust me on that until I can catch a break and tell you more about it.

If I don’t crawl back to the computer before then, I want to wish all of you a very tasty, moist Turkey on a very Happy Thanksgiving!



Just reading about the petitions to seceed from the Union.

Can’t make up my mind whether I find that to be a bad thing or not. 


Brings to mind the Hank, Jr song…If the south woulda won we’d of had it made…