Ever forget who you’re with

and haul off and say something you normally wouldn’t say in front of that/those person/s?

Ran thru the drive-thru at Checkers today & ordered a Big Chicken Club.

Unwrapped it & took a big ol’ bite.  Dear Gussy, they must have just taken that thing out of the grease because it had to have been 350* still.

And before I thought about it, I said…

Damn, that thing is hot!  It’s like the Devil himself took a shit in my mouth.

My kid immediately posts this to facebook.



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  1. ORPO1
    Oct 07, 2012 @ 18:24:45

    The innocence of youth!
    Good advice, after the fact is it not?
    Luv Ya!!!!!!!

  2. Lnda
    Oct 07, 2012 @ 18:34:32

    Yep, they always hear! Good to hear from you. Hope all is going well.

  3. Ami
    Oct 07, 2012 @ 19:07:10

    I’m just pondering your basis for comparison… ‘like the devil took a shit in your mouth’… how do you know what that’s like?

  4. snigsspot
    Oct 07, 2012 @ 20:09:08

    Ami, it was hot. Figured it couldn’t get any hotter than that! 😀

  5. Old NFO
    Oct 07, 2012 @ 23:35:31

    LOL, lemme see… Yep, that qualifies as a GOTCHA! 🙂 And I think I can guess which one did that… 😀

  6. The Old Man
    Oct 23, 2012 @ 19:56:27

    We still need to hear from ya, darlin’.

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