Uttered at work this past week

Went to the restroom at work. Not one of the nice private restrooms, but one with 3 stalls, 2 sinks and one of those diaper changing things that apparently cannot be folded back against the wall when people are done with them.

Anyway, lady two stalls down jabbering away on her phone about how bad BooBoo done been treatin’ on her.

I rolled my eyes, peed and flushed.

And she started bitching big time, but no longer about BooBoo.

She was bitching about *me* having the nerve to flush while she was busy talking.

If I could have farted like a freight train, I would have done that, too…but being a polite, demure female, I did not.

I told her “I was sorry.

I couldn’t find a phone booth to pee in.”