Dammit, I need direction

This diabetic thing has me going out of my mind.

The stuff I *should* eat seems to be running my blood glucose up, the things I *shouldn’t* eat seem to not affect it.

Today it’s up, even if I take extra glipizide, tomorrow it’s down, even if I miss a dose.

I eat fried chicken & pasta and it crashes in 2 hours.  I eat a banana & it’s up for a day.

ALL fruit seems to run it through the roof.

Eat oatmeal…up, up & away.

Eat grits…today up, tomorrow no rise.

Yesterday, I took my meds before breakfast.  Continental breakfast, so few low-carb options.  In fact my choices were muffins, pastries, biscuits & sausage, waffles, grits & fruit.  I ate biscuit & gravy, sausage & a sausage biscuit.  Ate behind the wheel for lunch…2 pimento cheese sandwiches & about 5 chips, BUT I forgot my meds.  Supper, amidst unpacking- pizza (oh God, how pizza runs it up!) and a beer and managed to forget my meds AGAIN.


Got up this morning & it was 140.  Figured that was fairly good considering what I ate yesterday without taking my meds.  Took my meds this morning.

Ate “Pioneer Porridge”… a concoction of ground white & yellow corn, ground wheat, & whole rice.

Ate 2 servings of that at least & a couple of sausage patties.

Ate that sorta late, so it was more of a brunch.  Didn’t take more meds at lunch, because I wasn’t eating “lunch”.

1500 and I got hot & shakey…sure enough, it was in the 50s.

Now, when I take it around 800 & eat my “sugar free” oatmeal & eat a couple of sausage links & some strawberries, it will still be up around 150 by lunch.  I take another dose before eating lunch.  Sometimes it crashes, sometimes it doesn’t.

I’m at wits end.

The up & down crap is driving me nuts.

Any suggestions from any diabetic readers??

I’ve talked to dieticians, they’ve not made any helpful recommendations.  I’ve been told to talk to an endocrinologist, so I guess that will be my next step.

It was lots easier to get the husband’s BS under control- cut out sugar & all the “white” foods.  He was off meds in 4 months.  I’ve been twittering with mine 6 months now & it’s still swinging from 40-220??



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  1. Old NFO
    Jul 29, 2012 @ 01:08:54

    Endocrinologist is the only option left, sounds like ‘something’ else is going on…

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