Can you hear me now?

Nope, you can’t.

Can’t talk above a squeaky whisper today and I’m not sick & haven’t been yelling at the kids.

Went to lunch late yesterday, to a good little seafood restaurant.  Food was good, finished up & needed to make a potty stop on the way out.

REALLY needed to make a potty stop…too much coffee earlier.

Anyway, walked in the bathroom and the Clorox smell slapped me hard enough to nearly knock me down.  Immediately, my eyes were watering & my throat felt like I’d swallowed rocks.

Did my business, skipped hand-washing & got the hell outta there.

An hour later, my sinuses were going berserk & the throat was feeling even worse.

This morning, I can’t talk & I’m hacking up various colors of crud.

It HURTS to breathe.

I see a chest x-ray for “the p-new-moan-ee-er” in my near future. >.<