Cleaned Up

and gun-free…or was I?



Range Time Part Deux

Had a couple of soretailed youngins due to Wednesday’s range time occurring while they were in school and had some spare time (Read:  Snigs shirked household duties to escape to the great out of doors), so we went back to the range.

I’d been thinking since Wednesday, “Snigs,”, I said to myself, “What bad dude is gonna stand there nice & still while you carefully aim at his body parts?”.

Yeah, that’s what I thought…nota-damned-one.

So, today I shot the way I wanted to- one handed*, rapid-fire- pulling the trigger as fast as I could on the 22 & cocking & firing the 357 as quickly as I could, as well.  I also changed my grip on the 357, to something that feels slightly more natural for me.

The results?

Mr. Body didn’t make it.

No services have been planned & I’m guessing burial will take place at the county landfill.

*My initial firearms training years ago was done by my Daddy, who taught me to shoot one-handed.  He said if you had to hold a gun with two hands, it was too much gun for you & that two-handed shooting was theatrical.  Not saying he was right or wrong, but it works for me.