Grumble, cuss

I live out in the sticks for multiple reasons. 

One, it’s a helluva lot more quiet.  The occasional plane, a little bit of traffic, and the very rare siren of any type are pretty much the only noises outside of “natural” noise- cows, geese, tractors & dogs.

Second, there’s considerably less crime here than most places, especially the cesspool of a town I work in.  Last “local” murder I remember here was in the late 80s or early 90s.  Even then, it was a domestic dispute (Lequentidia stabbed Leroy after an unfriendly card game) and knowing those involved, I saw that coming years earlier.  Disgusta sports a couple of murders per weekend, at least and God only knows how much shit happens that doesn’t get reported.

Seems as though someone is set on turning the calm, peaceful countryside into a Disgusta suburb. 

Right up the road from here, a boy beat the shit out of his pregnant wife in front of his mother & 2 half sisters and told the Mama he’d kill her, slowly & painfully.  Someone broke into and robbed one of the antebellum homes at the crossroads, somebody is going around breaking into cars in folks’ yards and then yesterday, a friend reported on facebook that someone decided to impersonate the police and had “pulled her over”.  Don’t know their intentions…she got to feeling the whole thing was squirrelly and took off before un-uniformed male got to her car door.  The police confirmed it wasn’t them.  And it turned out she wasn’t the only one they attempted to pull over.

Now, I’m no bad ass, but it really wouldn’t do for someone to pull any of that crap here at my door.

I’ve got an anti-theft, anti-assault, anti-mayhem device to the caliber of three hundred fifty seven for them if they do.

And I’m getting one of those handy, dandy under dash holsters for it where it’s easily accessible for ME in the car.

I just do believe a few well-placed bullets would be a large deterrent to crime.  Back when country folks handled crime that way, there sure was a lot less of it, anyway.

Totally unrelated…

Best compliment I got all week came from my mother:  Snigs, if you lose any more weight, you’re not going to have a butt.

Second best:  Damn girl!  You’ve thinned down and you’re looking HOT!

Okay, the second one made me laugh, but then it felt sorta nice, too.

It’s not every day that a 42 year old hears that sorta thing.

Which leads me to another unrelated topic-

My birthday was Wednesday & I’m pretty sure that’s the best “birthday” I’ve had in years.  I took the day off work, got to sleep in, ate pizza for breakfast, ate nothing but chocolate cookies for lunch, didn’t get dressed until 4:00 p.m., ate Chinese with my family, including Mama & Daddy, came home & promptly went back to my “uniform” nightwear- pajamas sans pants and didn’t hit a lick at a snake.

It was a glorious day!

Y’all have a fantastic weekend and try your wearing your pj’s without pants at least once!



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  1. Old NFO
    Feb 12, 2012 @ 10:03:16

    Yep, .357 ‘qualifies’ as a bit of a deterrent! And congrats on the weight loss! 😀

  2. ORPO1
    Feb 12, 2012 @ 21:01:51

    I live well north of Lancaster and Palmdale for a reason……..The Idjits in LA County the other side of the mountains tried to alleviate their gang problem…….by moving it to Palmdale and Lancaster. We have some issues here in Cal City, OK. But our PD and Kern County SO do handle things quite well. It is more like living on the reservation with a prison close by(camp followers)
    And for your birthday wishes………..I think you’re Hot! I said so. Snigs is Hot!!!!!

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