Bone deep

into Advanced A&P that is.  Getting into Microbiology now, too.

Challenging my brain a bit, but that’s a good thing.

Not much newsworthy this week…for me that is.

Been worried about a few special folks- Crucis & Morgan (due to the violent weather yesterday/today) & as always when he’s traveling, NFO.

Got email from NFO & saw Morgan on facebook, so I know they’re okay.  Now, I’ve gotta track down Crucis & make sure he’s okay.

It’s nice to have friends to be concerned about.

I love you guys!  (And no, I don’t want your Bud Lites!)


Edited to Add:

Oh, oh, oh…wrapped in a heavy plastic bag (due to the threat of rain) sitting on the back porch when I got home from work, I found my HOOKER BOOTS!  LOL 

They fit, now I’ve just got to get the rest of the clothes I want to make a rocking outfit.

Hooker boots.  {Uncontrollable schoolgirl giggles}


Sanity Refound

Range time!

Oh and I need suggestions on a good shotgun for me to shoot trap & skeet with.  My 12 gauge, although I love it, is unfortunately too heavy for me.  Thanks to the wreck in 2000 and subsequent nerve damage, I wasn’t supposed to regain but 30% use of my left arm.  I got more like 60%, but it’s way too long & heavy for me to repeatedly shoot with.  Any suggestions?  (And yeah, I prefer to keep gas operated semi-auto for recoil reduction.  I am after-all a fair skinned girly-girl.  Got enough blood blister tonight from one shot I didn’t have it tight enough to the shoulder for.  Would hate to think of the recoil if it wasn’t semi-auto.)

Range time!

Woot!  Impromptu range visit shortly! 

Hopefully, pictures will follow!

Happy Sunday afternoon, all!

Going to Hell in a little row boat

Some days, the situation just presents itself and due to a utter & complete lack of entertainment being provided that day, you take advantage of anything life offers.

The coworker & I were going to another hospital to do a little work.  She was driving, I was the Howard Cosell commentator for the trip.

We pulled up at a red-light and there were a couple of girls about to cross the street.  One of them was tiny, tiny, tiny BUT, she had a huge butt.  By huge I mean oh-my-God-Becky-look-at-her-butt huge.

I take that in & am in the middle of commenting on her butt when I notice a little strip sign nailed to the light pole on the corner.

Originally, it had said, “Jesus is coming”.

Someone got happy with their crayon though and scribbled off the top of the O in coming, turning it into a U.  (For the grammarians out there, I attempted “an U” but, it sounded entirely too freaking pompous.)

Coworker has seen none of this, because thankfully, she is paying attention to the traffic.

The conversation went sorta like this…

Me:  Whoa Nellie!  Check the size of the ass on that girl!  I swear you could show the Daily Double Feature on that thing- both movies at the same time.

CW:  (laughs)

Me:  Oh and it appears Jesus is cuming, not coming, but with a U!

CW:  Where? On her ass?

Me:  OMG CW!!!!!!  You’re going to hell for that comment.

CW:  What about a U?

Me:  Jesus is coming, but not with an O, but with a U!

CW:  OH HELL!  Maybe they meant Jesus (Hay-suess) not JESUS!

Me:  Yeah, sure that’s it, because everyone wants to know a Mexican is having an orgasm.

and about that time, what would appear??

Some dude of some ethnicity was standing on the next corner in a pair of shorts that could only be described as his baby brother’s hot pants.  We had at least 70% cheekage hanging out.  At least it was a small cheekage, but anyway…

He was rubbing something white all over his little brownish butt…

Now we know where Hay-suess came?

Gag & giggle worthy.

Some days, it doesn’t take much to entertain us.  What can I say??

Hayoly Sheeeit

At work, tornado warnings over & over for the home area (70 miles away).

Mama don’t like it when her ducks are spread out and the weather is bad.

Then, it came down the road to me at work.

No tornadoes, but super high winds.  It gusted hard enough to blow building materials off one of the roof areas and the materials fell on the skylight windows in the dining room RIGHT NEXT TO WHERE I WAS SITTING.

No glass fell on me & I wasn’t hurt, but damn it scared the ever loving shit out of me.

At all. >.<

What a way to end the week.


A few things from the past few days…

1.  Calling a doctor Napoleon, even though  he deserves the name, doesn’t bring you a new friend.  However, calling him DumbAss when he refuses to understand why a hemoglobin of 6.2 is deserving of some attention, brings you lots of new friends- namely his peers & the other nurses. 🙂

2.  The Boy finally believes he can sing.  I’ve told him this for years, but he didn’t believe me until he auditioned for a part in a musical today, singing Randy Travis’ song Three Wooden Crosses and got a standing ovation from the crowd.

3.  My varicose vein thing has turned into something more serious.  Seems I have an AV fistula in my leg and they’re worrying me that it could all the sudden form a clot and I could go ‘splodee if I don’t fix it RIGHT NOW.  Um, it wasn’t causing me that much concern yesterday, it’s been there 20+ years, I don’t think waiting ’til May to fix it is going to be detrimental.  If I croak between now & then from a DVT, everything can be sorted out in my will.

4.  There is no four.  However, you wasted 3 seconds of your life realizing that.  Sorry. 😉

Y’all have a good rest of the week!

Oh wait, there is a 4.  I’ve ordered me a pair of boots that I’ve always wanted.  Described as “hooker boots” by my mother, they’re thigh highs…and I’m getting a mini (NOT micro-mini) skirt to wear them with.

May the young folks commence with pointing & laughing immediately. 😀



In May.

Looking forward to the day my right leg doesn’t hurt like a bitch.

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