Come again?

Earlier in the week, I had to test a man’s alertness & orientation.

“Hi.  What’s your name?”

Mr. Smith

“Mr. Smith, how are you?”

Doing very well.

“Mr. Smith, do you know where you are?”

Yeah, Hospital X.

“Mr. Smith, why are you at Hospital X?”

‘Cause I’m pregnant.



“You have a great day, Mr. Smith.”.

Yeah, I backed out of that room quickly.

Then today, I was doing a patient interview and the woman told me she’d be to our facility before.  I asked her what she’d had done when she’d been there before.

I got my dicks taken out.


I got my dicks taken out.

“Mrs. Jones, where was this part?”

She scrambled around for awhile and finally pointed to her back. “My dicks, my dicks!”.

OOOOH, you had a DISK removed.

Sometime after that, I was coming down the hall reading some reports…got to the door of the room I was working in, made a hard left into…the window beside the door.

I know what the Windex birds feel like now.

Not sure I would make it if it wasn’t.

Bad weather is supposed to roll in after midnight.  Maybe I should go to bed now in anticipation?