Week in review

Monday & Tuesday felt like two weeks instead of two days.

Perhaps that’s because I worked the weekend?  Who knows.

Lack of true rest meant by Wednesday, my throat was sore & I had a headache.

Thursday morning, bright and early at the hospital because the husband’s stress test from December was positive for problems.

One of the stents previously placed wasn’t quite big enough and was already 75% blocked again.  Restented, with a bigger stent, and they ruptured the right coronary artery…which was a slight problem, but was fixed.  The extra time spent fixing that meant they couldn’t get to two spots in the left coronary artery that are slightly narrowed this time, so we get to go back again in about 3 months. >.<

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

Have a recovering husband, a half-sick youngin, another youngin with a tummy ache (probably from worrying about her Daddy), I have a raging cold & I’m being all girly-fied this week.

I can’t win!  Ugh.

One bright spot, aside from the husband being patched up & getting to come on home- I got my two new coats that I was supposed to get for Christmas. 

Didn’t get red in this one, but black instead-


First time in um, 8 years that I’ve had a new coat and it felt really good to put the XL coat in the back of the closet after buying a medium & a large.  Also, finally remembered to pick up a blazer from the cleaners that I hadn’t been able to wear and had subsequently forgotten about, but found while digging through the closet…it’s a medium, too.   So it was like having three new coats. 

Yeah, doesn’t take much to ring my chimes, does it?

Y’all take care, enjoy the rest of the weekend.  I think I’ll drug up and see everyone sometime Monday.