What a start

Had a couple of friends and their families over last night for what was to be a basically calm & quiet celebration.

One family was high school buddies and their two kids, 6 & 8.  The other was my best bud in nursing school, her husband, daughter & a 7-month old she was babysitting.

The baby was fine.  Not only was he adorable looking, he was adorable acting as well.  Very quiet, very clean, very sweet.

My high school buddies’ kids?  Oh dear Lord, they were holy terrors.  They wanted to fiddle with everything- my Christmas decorations which are for looking at, they wanted to touch.

And play with like they were action figures.

And they ran in the house, and stomped, and beat, and banged.  They jumped on my couch with shoes on!

And all the while, their mama would say, “Y’all stop.  Y’all behave.  Y’all quit.”.

And they continued on.

Finally, I got the 8 year old in a head lock and told him the only fireworks he would see if he kept behaving like he was, was going to be the fireworks I produced upon his ass with a belt.

That slowed him down for a bit, until his daddy laughed about it.

I came about < > close to asking them to leave.  Don’t get me wrong, I love kids.  I even love lively kids.  Unruly kids however, are not on my tolerable list.

After I said, LEAVE MY STUFF ALONE in a not-so-nice tone, the dad got to wishing “12 o’clock would hurry up & come on”.

You and me both, buddy.  You and me both.