I could complain, but sorry, the good of my year far outweighed the bad.

My husband had a heart attack…but lived.

I had two shitty jobs…that I quit and found a really great one.

The Boy got his driver’s license…um, looking for the ray of sunshine here…oh yeah, he’s happy. 🙂

I lost some folks who were important to me…and I met some new folks who are becoming important to me.

Life is much better.

To you and yours, I wish the Happiest of New Years.  Please be safe if you’re out and about tonight and may the coming year bring you more health, wealth & Happiness than you even deserve!



It’s 8:15, the baking is done, some presents have already been delivered.

Never got the Christmas cards out…heck, I still haven’t found them.

Haven’t gotten the family picture in front of the tree taken, either.

Le sigh.

Never-the-less, Christmas IS here.  I almost hate to see it get here.  No, not because I’ve not sent Christmas cards.  Not because I could use another day to finish my baking.

But because…folks seem nicer at Christmastime.  Kinder.  More considerate.  The lights, the wreaths, the bows…perhaps they remind people to smile and to atleast attempt to love their fellow man a little bit more.

But no, the 26th will come.  The carols will have ended & folks “tired of the mess” will start snatching down decorations and extra kindness, consideration & decency will be packed away along with them until next Christmas.

I hope the biggest gift you receive is the Spirit of Christmas residing in you and those around you all year.

Merry Christmas & God bless us, every one.

Learn something new every day

That’s what they say anyway & I guess most days, it’s true.

I learned something new today anyway.  I got introduced to some Fruititarians.

Yeah, sounds fruity for sure.

They eat nothing but fruit, nuts & seeds.

And these were STRICT Fruititarians…

Nothing but fruit, nuts & seeds that had already fallen from the tree/vine/whatever they were growing on.

Because to pluck the fruit would hurt its frickin psyche or something.


Apparently, it’s not good for you on multiple levels, because the lady of the pair had given someone she didn’t know $35 to go have a vehicle title transferred into her name from her husband’s…

and dude took the $35 & had the vehicle put in his own name.

Considering she was slightly on the elderly side, I felt sorta sorry for her.

BUT anybody who is worried about the feelings & psyches of fruit & nuts shouldn’t be able to hold title to much of anything…



I Won!

NFO harasses me about my Key Lime Cake.

He says only pie can be Key Lime.

Whatever, dude!  Like, I totally didn’t, you know, like,  name it! 😛

Anyway, on a whim I decided to enter the bake off at work last week & made a Key Lime cake (bite me, NFO) to enter.

And I won 1st place out of 45 entries.

I was right tickled.  Yes sir, downright tickled.

Won a nice, fat IHOP gift card and considering how much I like IHOP, I’m happy. 🙂

It made Tuesday ALMOST tolerable!

Rumors of my death

were highly overrated.

I hate that I’ve denied you your Daily Dose of Useless Drivel as of late, but I think I’ve been busy.

I know I’ve been tired as a dog, so apparently busy is the culprit.

I’d love to talk about work.  Oh dear gussy at the stories I could share.  However, it seems that I’m easier to find than ever and I doubt my employer would appreciate my sharing.  Let’s just suffice it to say, ignorance runs rampant everywhere.

Speaking of the job- I still love it.  A lot.  I do not love the 1 hr 15 minute drive every day.  That’s getting old.  At least gas prices are on the decline currently and not having to use the A/C has increased my gas mileage oodles.

Aside from some baking, I’m ready for Christmas.  Hopefully I haven’t forgotten anything, anyway.  I didn’t get around to mailing Christmas cards.  Still haven’t found the cards I wrote up last year that didn’t get mailed.  I put them in a safe place, of course.  So safe, nobody has seen them since.

The Girl goes to get her Learner’s Permit in a few weeks.  The Boy is getting his permanent license next week.

The new radiator for the Pacifica is on its way and I think I’ve found a nice, cheap head for the Saturn.  The Husband managed to crack the head…long story & not conducive to marital bliss to retell it, so I’m letting it go.

Oops- time to do some work.  Just as I was starting to really get into Kevin Sorbo in whatever this show is.  Oh well.  Best be responsible & do something.

Y’all have a great Monday!

To help NFO

He must not be too good at those Where’s Waldo things.  Here’s the cake, NFO.





Happy Birthday, NFO!

He’s one of my best buds, I’m not ashamed to say I love him and I hope he has a


Happy Birthday, NFO!!

(Choose the image you feel most appropriate!) 😀

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