The stupid, oh how it burns

Gray matter was in short supply today.  I swear, more than a few folks needed a sign…

On the parking deck elevator:  Lady gets on it at level 2.  Rides up to 4.  Gets off, looks around, gets back on.  Rides to level 3.  Off & back on.  Thought she’d “lost” her car.  Nope.  She was looking for her sister’s room on the 4th floor, but “there’s only cars on the 4th floor”.  It’s a freaking parking deck, you might try GOING IN the hospital, lady!

On the elevator in the parking deck again.  It stops, going down, at Level 2.  Lady asks if it’s going down.  (Big down arrow lit up is apparently not enough of an indication).  Yes ma’am.  To the first floor? Yes ma’am.  Would have rather said, “Lady, you’re on 2 and it’s going down.  Do you really think it’s going anywhere BUT one?”.

Case manager calls with a referral.  Go to check out said referral.  Um, how the hell is the patient supposed to participate in three hours of INTENSE physical therapy when he’s still fricking intubated???!!!

Guy standing out front of the hospital…in the sunshine…says, “Pretty day”.  Yup.  “Is it raining?”.  Dude, seriously??? Are you wet???

Walking into the hospital cafeteria.  Lady asks if I’m going to eat?  Nope, just gonna go in there and look at the food or maybe have sex on a table.  WTF else am I going to do in the hospital cafeteria?  Eat?  What a preposterous idea!

There’s more, but I’ve got other things to do.  Perhaps tomorrow...and yes, I DO still love my job. 🙂



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  1. minimedic
    Oct 06, 2011 @ 14:42:59

    You clearly have the words “Stupid People, Come Talk To Me” clearly emblazoned upon your forehead in the invisible ink that only those short on brain cells can read…

  2. Old NFO
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 00:50:36

    Ouch… NOT a fun day… but LOTS of blogfodder 🙂

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