Last week of September

and you know what that means.

It means that the holly jolly time of year is just around the proverbial corner.

87 shopping days until Christmas if I remember correctly.

October appears to be Reunion month for me- my Mom’s family this weekend, the husband’s umteenth high school reunion the next, a week off, then his family reunion.  Then, I’m promising the kids a Halloween Party.

First week of November is my weekend to work again, then another family reunion and we start the downhill holiday run.

Dear Lord, if life gets any faster, I’m gonna need a seatbelt.



This weekend was my weekend to be on call and damned if they didn’t come out of the woodwork calling me.

At least I was decently compensated for my time but shit…

…If I don’t feel a few fries short of a Happy Meal now.

Friday- I’m living for you, baby!