Weird Morning

A) The son got up before 0900.  Shocker!

B) He’s in a good mood!  Double shocker!

C) *I* am in a good mood!  Triple shocker, someone alert the authorities.

D) We’re being our usual goofy selves and started doing impersonations while he fixed his breakfast and I continued work on tomorrow night’s supper (turkey soup in the crock pot)

We started out with Jeff Dunham & Jose Jalapeno (on a steeeeeek), then Natasha & Boris, slipped into some Adam Sandler and the Thanksgiving Song, somehow or another moved on to Michelle Obama (a very NON-PC impersonation), back to Jose & Peanut, and finally some Bill Clinton.

Then, we step out on the porch & find what the kitties brought us to say thanks for feeding them, keeping them safe (relatively safe that is), providing them with water & a warm place to sleep when it’s cold, etc…

My only question- where is the rest of the freaking turkey??!!

Have a great Sunday!


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  1. Old NFO
    Sep 18, 2011 @ 17:30:23

    Hmmm… Think I’d be on the lookout for a one legged turkey 🙂

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