Weird Morning

A) The son got up before 0900.  Shocker!

B) He’s in a good mood!  Double shocker!

C) *I* am in a good mood!  Triple shocker, someone alert the authorities.

D) We’re being our usual goofy selves and started doing impersonations while he fixed his breakfast and I continued work on tomorrow night’s supper (turkey soup in the crock pot)

We started out with Jeff Dunham & Jose Jalapeno (on a steeeeeek), then Natasha & Boris, slipped into some Adam Sandler and the Thanksgiving Song, somehow or another moved on to Michelle Obama (a very NON-PC impersonation), back to Jose & Peanut, and finally some Bill Clinton.

Then, we step out on the porch & find what the kitties brought us to say thanks for feeding them, keeping them safe (relatively safe that is), providing them with water & a warm place to sleep when it’s cold, etc…

My only question- where is the rest of the freaking turkey??!!

Have a great Sunday!


The logistics

…they confuse me.

Shot him in the face accidentally while aiming UNDER the chicken coop?

Was he under there too?  Hanging out with the possum?

Weird shit happens in Augusta Disgusta.  I see it pretty regular at work, now that I’m frequenting shock trauma a lot.


*ETA:  IF you see the posting before they edit the title, it reads “Woman trying to shoot possum injuries 85-year-old man”.  Yep, I sent them an email about that typo.  You know, I screw up pretty frequently here on my blog with grammar and spelling.  However, I’m not trying to “sell” myself as a professional site.  Nor do I have any journalism degrees.  Nor is there anyone working for me as a proofreader.  Oh wait, apparently there’s nobody working for them as a proofreader either, is there?  >.<