Breaking a leg!

My kids participated in Teen Drama Camp again this summer and last night was opening night.

They played to a packed house & did a fantastic job.  The boy is a natural ham.

The play they’re doing this year is 15 Reasons NOT to Be In a Play

Turn out this year was wayyyy down- only 11 teens and the play has um, 50-something parts.  Each kid got assigned at least 4 parts.

Hopefully, someone will record it where I can share…at least it’s only a 30 minute play!

Performances tonight & tomorrow afternoon, then I leave tomorrow evening on a work-related road trip.  I am less than happy about that, especially considering I’m this close <—–> to taking a new job elsewhere.

Can’t go into much detail, but I’ll leave it at this- NOBODY is happy where I am right now and everybody who’s even worth just half a shit is looking at other jobs and/or going back to school.

Y’all have a great weekend & first of the week.  I’ll be around sometime or another!