Well SOB

I was informed yesterday that the DNR has seen fit to drop 12 pair of Gray Wolves in our area to control the coyote population you’ve heard me bitch about in the past.

When the wolves become the nuisance the coyotes now are, I fully expect Black Mambas and Cayman Crocs to be dropped in next.



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  1. portia
    Jun 07, 2011 @ 00:42:36

    So instead of the coyotes, you’ll have wolves to contend with. Nice.

  2. Skul
    Jun 07, 2011 @ 12:36:32

    Super-sized coyotes.

    Just a hint, Snigs…….don’t wear anything wool.

  3. Old NFO
    Jun 07, 2011 @ 21:33:30

    Ah…oh hell, I’m NOT even going to start… Idjits…

  4. Skul
    Jun 08, 2011 @ 12:48:58

    ….or a red hoody.

  5. snigsspot
    Jun 08, 2011 @ 18:54:40

    You must not have heard the more recently updated version of Little Red Riding Hood, Skul.

  6. ORPO1
    Jun 09, 2011 @ 09:34:21

    And Lord knows you aren’t allowed to stop any attack due to the “protected” status.
    We used to control coyotes in the old fashioned way in Montana when I was young……..bounty on them.

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