What do folks eat these days?

The girl’s boyfriend (the guy with the extra long hair) is coming over tomorrow to visit.  Since he’ll be here at supper time and since I’m such a nice person, I sent him a message asking what he liked to eat.

Answer:  Macaroni.


Answer:  Corndogs.

So, I send back a message- Son, I mean REAL food…pork chops?  Hamburger steak with gravy?  Green beans?  Butter beans?  Corn on the cob?

Answer:  Ohhh…I thought you meant lunch.  I like hamburgers.

Okay, hamburgers are nice.  I enjoy a good hamburger for supper all along- in fact, I enjoyed one Wednesday night.  But *that* is what the dude thinks of when I say pork chops, hamburger steak, etc…?

Do mothers no longer cook for their children?  I think they must not, because 90% of them don’t have a clue what a squash tastes like even know what a rutabaga is.  They seem to know peas & carrots (GAG!) and cut corn, but I’m not sure any of them know it grows on a cob.  They can’t begin to tell you the difference in a butter bean, lima bean & butter pea.  If it’s orange, it has to be YUCK!  Same with green.

My daughter loves all vegetables except turnip greens.  My son likes everything except steamed cabbage.  They eat rutabagas, broccoli, all sorts of beans & peas, squash, zucchini, all colors of potatoes, corn, carrots (raw or cooked).  And neither of them would suggest boxed macaroni & cheese and corndogs as SUPPER FOODS!

Le sigh.  What is the world coming to and moreover, why are so many parents skipping real food at meals?