The boy, the cart and the ass

Told to me by one of my patients this evening- his words, not mine.  For the record, he’s a black guy.

There was a little colored boy who had to walk miles to school every day.  He stocked up on all the scrap wood & metal he could find, until one day he had enough to build a nice little cart.

He thought it would be really cool to ride in his cart to school, but wasn’t sure what he could find to pull his cart.

One of the neighbors gave him a baby goat.  He took good care of his goat and it grew up to be nice & strong.  He finally had a good animal to pull his little cart!!

Every day, he would hitch the goat to the cart, climb in and carefully “drive” to school.  He’d listen for any cars coming and if he heard none, he’d slap the reins and holler YA GOAT! and off he’d go.

One morning, although he listened carefully, he failed to hear a car coming down the road.  He slapped the reins and hollered YA GOAT! and the mule leaped out into the road just as a car came around the curve.

The car struck the goat & it died instantly.

The little boy was horribly upset.  He walked to school that morning, crying all the way.  He was late for school & the teacher asked him what on earth was wrong…he was crying and babbling and 30 minutes late for school.

After he could finally compose himself he told the teacher what happened.

I was coming to school & hooked up the goat to my cart & started off & a car came around the curve and hit him in the ass!

The teacher was shocked.

Don’t say ass, Jimmy.  Say rectum.