I sincerely hope

IF I live to be in my 90s…

and IF I end up in a nursing home…

that I HAVE lived my life and treated others in a way that they will visit me when I’m alive, not waiting until I’m dead to sit with me.

One of the residents died the other day and in the last two months, I saw only one man ever visit with her.  It wasn’t a sudden death…it’s been known she was in the dying stages for several weeks, so that’s no excuse for her children to not have seen her in the last two months.

They lived 12 miles away, so distance is no excuse either.

The one visitor she had was a man she went to church with and he is elderly and disabled…but he still managed to visit her.

The daughter waited until 3:30 a.m. to visit and her mother died at 4:00 a.m.

That’s when the daughter decided to do the most of her visiting….AFTER mom was dead and gone.  She hung out in the resident’s room, with the dead body until after 8:00 a.m.  Mom shared the room with two other residents and facility protocol kept those two residents out of their own room while the daughter just sat there…SNOOZING!

Maybe Mom wasn’t the nicest person to her daughter, maybe there is a lot of background that I don’t know about.

However, if my kids don’t care about visiting me when I’m alive, I’m hoping they won’t hang around, in the way, when I die.



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  1. Old NFO
    Feb 26, 2011 @ 21:03:33

    There is just NO accounting for people and their relationships with their parents… Sigh… And yes, that is pretty sad.

  2. ORPO1
    Feb 27, 2011 @ 01:38:19

    I was hunting when my Dad passed. But he had gotten his stuff ready to be in the field with me and the son on the previous evening. We were doing what he also loved.

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