Bonzo is

going to bed shortly.

I swear I have 42 new gray hairs & 3 new wrinkles a day from this job.

My jaw feels like I have Lock Jaw, because I keep my teeth gritted tightly shut all day.

My stomach starts hurting about 0600 and hurts until 1500.

The patients, I can deal with.  I’ve finally turned all the Grumpy Gus & Gussies around & I see lots more smiles than frowns.  I dance with those who can dance, I joke with those who are with-it enough to get it, & I hug the ones who need hugs.

But I just about cannot take it much more.

The admin. seems to have dual personalities…sometimes she is sugar sweet & the next time you see her, her head spins three times & her eyes glow red.  The DON is a dingbat.

I had been led to believe that it was a great “family” atmosphere.  The folks who told me that must have been referring to The Hatfields & McCoys or Ma Barker & her crowd.

The other LPNs are great- very kind, sweet & willing to help me.  To the patients, not so much so, but they aren’t mean to them either.  Sorta strictly business.

The CNAs though…they’ve attempted to make fun of me.  I haven’t worn the same shirt twice since I started working there.  A) I have been given a lot of shirts, B) Half of what I do have was my Mom’s shirts from work & some are up to 20 years old, C) What I’ve had, I’ve taken very good care of.  One asked me today if I “go home, take off my shirt & just throw it away & buy a new one?”.

If they’re not attempting to poke fun about the variety of clothes I have, they’re saying I’m being uppity by ironing.

Small, small minds.

I have decided to answer in a new fashion when folks ask if I think I’m better than them…

…I’m going to start looking at them, bobbing my head and saying simply, “Yep”.

The other day, one of the residents called me over.  She’s not one I take care of, but I’m crazy about her.  She’s just a wonderful person.

Anyway, she wanted to whisper in my ear.  “Don’t tell J I said this, ’cause she’s my granddaughter, but you’re the only one who really looks like a nurse.  You’re always so neat & clean.”.

Yeah, J would want to pinch a plug out of Grandma’s tail if she heard that.

Oh & another CNA bit the dust over the weekend.  Seems she called a resident a “fat-ass sow”.  Good riddance.


Y’all have a happy Wednesday!


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  1. ORPO1
    Feb 01, 2011 @ 23:56:15

    Never a dull moment!

  2. minimedic
    Feb 02, 2011 @ 00:18:18

    See, this is why I don’t like CNAs…they have a habit of being…well, scruffy.

    Looks like I’m gonna be uppity as well, as I need to iron a pair of khakis for my job interview tomorrow. (Normally I’d wear a skirt, but with the windchill in the negative numbers here, I’d rather not subject myself to Jack Frost possibly blowing frozen air up into…sensitive…areas.) As for clothes, my husband has MORE than enough clothes and underwear to last him until our next PCS move.

    I THINK I have a few articles of clothing that might be a decade old. (I can’t believe my freshman year of high school was THAT far back, eeesh, now I feel old.)

  3. Rho
    Feb 02, 2011 @ 11:18:07

    When I read your blog about how many scrub items you had, all I could think was “she has more scrubs than I have actual outer clothing to wear!” But then I’m also slowly replacing clothing as my body is still losing inches. You also know my thoughts on starch for anything other than sewing heirloom garments. However those are part of the Snigs I love, so I just go my merry way.
    I may have to buy more starch though as the next time I go to the store (next week when the ice thaws?) as I bought heirloom material at the Berry Patch. Jenn wants a reproduction blouse with French lace on the sleeves. I’m also putting pintucks on Samuel’s bubble. 🙂 Isn’t getting iced in just great?

  4. D.
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 00:13:03

    Sounds like the CNArses have “Ample Ass” disease. 😉

  5. Old NFO
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 03:33:12

    Another day at the oriface… Hang in there Snigs! I spent Wed flying, and taking the train, and driving the car… just the normal 23 hour commute…

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