Through with my chores & ready to start the 12 days straight of work…I think…I hope…maybe?

Spent 6 hours ironing yesterday, but I have 18 starched to the hilt, ironed and ready to go sets of scrubs.  You may laugh at my starching & ironing, but I still contend at the end of the day I look fresher & neater than my co-workers.  And really, when you see your nurse coming, would you rather her look like she slept in her uniform the past two nights (and don’t kid yourself, hanging up 100% cotton scrubs does not make them look “neat”) or would you rather see someone very neat & clean?  Thought so.  Not to mention, starch is almost like Scotch Guard.  The day I spilled chocolate pudding & coffee on my white pants & various residents puked, peed, snotted & pooped on me…well, I was able to use a damp wash cloth at work & wipe most of it away.

Got all my casual and dress clothes ironed & hung up too.  Like I’m going to have the energy to go anywhere but work the next two weeks? Hahahaha!

The kids & the husband are on their own with their clothes.  No, I’m not being ugly, but I think if *I* can take care of 3 weeks worth of my clothes, they can handle a few days worth of their own stuff.  They need practice at the ironing board anyway.

Back to school for the kids comes Wednesday.  I think that will actually make things go smoother…maybe, sorta.

At least I will be home by the time the bus runs from now on though!!


I’m mainly hoping life takes on some semblance  of normalcy with the new year.  Normal schedules with the exception of the husband working nights still, because I’ve flat given up on that EVER changing. (Insert rolling eyes here)

Anyway, off to the store for milk & coffee, then home to cook supper & shuffle him off to work.  After that, I think I’ll take a few hours to play!  Maybe a good game of Clue or Life with the kids…

Y’all have a super fantastic Sunday afternoon!


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  1. Rick
    Jan 02, 2011 @ 18:40:42

    After all of the ironing your ready for anything.

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