I sorta miss not having left-overs this year.

Maybe I should back up and explain that instead of the traditional holiday fare, I finally convinced my Mama that steak, potatoes, salads and desserts were good enough for Christmas dinner.

See, I really enjoy turkey & dressing.  And mac & cheese, green beans, potato souffle, potato salad, deviled eggs, cranberry salad, turnip greens, rolls, ham, and well, all the other “traditional” foods.


I cook those things all through the year.  I even buy & freeze cranberries and have the cranberry salad all along.


it makes those things less than “special” for a holiday meal.

In other words, I’m tired of that shit.


However, having to cook tonight reminded me how much I enjoy having the left-overs for the week after Christmas.

Oh well, there is a turkey in the freezer…


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  1. Crucis
    Dec 26, 2010 @ 20:40:37

    Our traditional New Years dinner is charcoal-grilled T-bones and/or KC Strips, grilled slowly. Just add salt ‘n pepper and then the last few minutes some onion rings on top to lightly season the steaks before we take them off the grill.

  2. snigsspot
    Dec 26, 2010 @ 21:22:41

    We use propane and propane accessories since there was a time I was married to the gas man. 😀

    Make it garlic salt & pepper and you’ve got my “recipe”…no A-1 or 57 Sauce needed if it’s cooked right. And for me, “right” is 45 seconds on each side and put it on the plate.

  3. Old NFO
    Dec 26, 2010 @ 22:09:12

    I’m about turkey’ed out… enough is enough! You were doing good till you got to Cranberries… 😦 Last of the leftovers tonight, STEAK tomorrow night 🙂

  4. ORPO1
    Dec 27, 2010 @ 14:01:38

    We had Lasagna!

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