Husband is worse today.  Fever will not remain down, despite antipyretic use.

Spiking around 103*.

Doc is bewildered & sent him for x-rays of his head and a ton of blood cultures, as well as a CBC.

Labs are screwed up, x-ray was clear.

Doc is still bewildered & wants to see him again in the a.m.  If things are still awry, he’s talking about putting him in the hospital.

His interview for the Sgt’s position was today.  He said it went fairly good from what he can remember.  Keeping our fingers crossed.

Bad day at work for me.  One patient tried to croak, sent her to the ER.  Another patient transferred in just in time to have his BP drop to almost non-existent.  It rebounded, but I’m afraid that might have meant a mild stroke.

I got behind at work…badly behind.  Tons of paperwork involved in transfers, be they in or out.

Relief shows up whenever they damned well please, so the “schedule” is a joke.  I appear to be the only person in the entire joint that shows up on time.

Tired, need to check on the husband & trying to figure out when I’m going to sleep if they put him in the hospital tomorrow.

Send any of the following if you don’t mind:  prayers, good vibes, hair dye- Miss Clairol Natural Instincts- Clove color.


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  1. Rho
    Nov 05, 2010 @ 10:58:35


  2. Crucis
    Nov 05, 2010 @ 11:20:32

    You got’em. Well, all except for the hair-coloring.

    Say, aren’t cloves gray in color? Or am I thinking of sage?

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