Georgia issued me my license number this afternoon!

Please join me in a huge, resounding


Let’s do it quietly though- had to go to the doctor AGAIN about the ear.  Said the inner ear looked somewhat like raw ground beef.  As you can imagine, the damned thing hurts.  Two rounds of azithromycin, Allegra D & pretty pink pain pills (he was writing Percocet & I said NOOOO!) and hopefully it will be gone this time.

Whoever said the body starts going to shit at 40 was RIGHT.  Ugh.


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  1. Lnda
    Oct 25, 2010 @ 19:34:08


  2. Rick
    Oct 25, 2010 @ 22:03:13


  3. snigsspot
    Oct 25, 2010 @ 22:06:03

    Y’all are fantastic! I feel the love, I feel the joy, I feel the excitement, but I don’t hear a thing! 😀

    Sincerely, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Y’all have all been pulling for me all the way, the whole time with tons of encouragement. I truly appreciate it.

  4. Portia
    Oct 25, 2010 @ 22:26:17


  5. Rho
    Oct 25, 2010 @ 22:44:36

    HOOOOOOOOORAY! Enjoy the job!

  6. Old NFO
    Oct 25, 2010 @ 23:06:08

    Bout damn time… 🙂 Glad you went to the doc, get well soon!

  7. Glenn Mark Cassel
    Oct 25, 2010 @ 23:41:57

    Ooh Rah! For Snigs!
    And the shoe is on the other foot for taking care of one’s self is it not?
    Love from the Desert 8)

  8. Crucis
    Oct 26, 2010 @ 11:09:01

    So you can drive again?


    Congratulations. You earned it. What is earned, is valued.

  9. snigsspot
    Oct 26, 2010 @ 12:40:59

    One of these days, Crucis, one of these days! 😀 😀

    Thanks y’all.

    This ear thing is something else. Same stupid ear I’ve been dealing with since August and this time it’s infected deep. Everything I do makes it throb worse. I’ve heard folks have killed themselves as a way to deal with the pain & I’m real close to understanding why they would. I know it’s a temporary deal though, so no worries there.

  10. Bob Perrow
    Oct 26, 2010 @ 21:19:34


    Congrats on the license. You earned it, girl! And don’t I know those ear infections HURT! I get them every now and again, and they won’t let you work, eat, sleep, or anything.

    Get better, girl!

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