Grumble, grumble, GRUMBLE, Cuss

Well, I’m not very high on patience.  Just flat out isn’t one of my virtues.  So, I called the state to see if there was a particular hold-up in getting approved.

Nope.  Should be done by October 20th.



It’s come down to a) get drunk & stay that way until testing time, b) take lots of Valium, or c) just say fuck it & quit worrying about it.

I’ve chosen choice C.

So, to celebrate daily, I’ve decided to come up with some things that I can “celebrate”, since I won’t be testing anytime soon.

Today is a two for one deal.

1.  I’m really glad to not have to leave home at 0430 anymore.

2.  Since I’m no longer wearing white scrub pants most days, I can wear the black with flower print thongs without fear that I will be told to stick my butt out to make sure I’m wearing white granny panties.

Not that I wear the thongs very often anyway.  It’s sorta like going commando…with a wedgie.


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  1. Lnda
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 15:07:33

    You are so funny! Hang in there, the boards will be here, and done before you know it!

  2. Glenn Mark Cassel
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 15:27:44

    The system came through! See! Just in a “slower than molasses in a Saskatchewan Winter.” mode.
    Thongs?!?!? 8)

  3. snigsspot
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 15:50:59

    The system’s not done diddly yet Glenn. They just confirmed STMIASW. 😛

    Thanks, Linda. It just feels like forever. >.<

  4. Old NFO
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 19:16:40

    “It’s sorta like going commando…with a wedgie.” Now THAT is funny 😀

  5. Glenn Mark Cassel
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 20:21:30

    And so is wearing boxers on the flight line on a really hot, miserable day!

  6. snigsspot
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 23:25:18

    Boxers? 8)

  7. Glenn Mark Cassel
    Oct 03, 2010 @ 03:35:04

    Age thing. OK?!?!
    And yes it is a comfort thing. Especially when I cleared forty five. Long story. One of these days…….I will fill you in.

  8. snigsspot
    Oct 03, 2010 @ 09:59:05

    I like boxers, wasn’t making fun. Honest!

  9. Glenn Mark Cassel
    Oct 03, 2010 @ 12:38:16

    I know. But the subject of boxers and wedgies is a funny one. And anything for a laugh my Dear!

  10. Rho
    Oct 03, 2010 @ 16:32:37

    Oh, for the good old days when you knew that state boards were scheduled on X date. Graduated in May; took boards in July; found out results in October. Granted was many, many years ago.

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