Is not a rose by any other name still a rose?

Thought so.

Doesn’t matter what you call something, it’s still what it is.

And it would appear to this outsider, who only gets her news from the folks actually neck-deep involved…

…that no matter what the troops in Iraq are called, combat troops are combat troops.

As my cousin said, who’s married to a young man who has just returned home from the sandbox and who lives in the midst of Army wives with husbands actively still there-

I think it’s ridiculous that President Obama is saying that combat operations are over. All of my friends husbands are there, they are in Infantry and combat brigades. Just because Obama had their names changed to “support and assistance” brigades does not mean that they are no longer combat brigades OR that they are no longer in combat. They are still in a war zone despite what the mainstream news says. Combat is not over and who knows if it will ever be.


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  1. Bob Perrow
    Sep 01, 2010 @ 09:34:22

    Snigs, I don’t know what to think about Obama and the Iraq thing. With regard to the combat situation there, I think Obama (who is certainly no friend of mine) may be closer to right than wrong.

    You see, my son is a Marine, who was there in late ’08-’09, stationed west of Baghdad. According to him, his regiment only lost one Marine who (very stupidly) walked up to an IED and started toying with it like you would expect some doofus kid to do here to a cow patty lying in a field.

    We HAVE to draw the line in Iraq somewhere………..we can’t be their police force and hall monitor and conscience forever. If they can’t govern and police themselves effectively, how in the sam hill can WE on an ongoing basis?

    Just me and my two cents……………

  2. snigsspot
    Sep 01, 2010 @ 19:14:12

    Bob, my post has nothing to do about how I feel about this conflict, just that you can’t call it something that it’s not. If the combat troops are still involved in combat (as their wives say they are), then they’re combat troops.

    As to the war, we shouldn’t have let it drag on this long. We should have quit playing PC a long time ago, gone in there, done the damned job, got out and left the remaining Iraqis standing there with their jaws hanging.

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