Aw Hell

Just a few points from the last 2 days.  I feel like shit & don’t feel very verbose.

Augusta floods when it rains, especially at the entrance/exit to the hospital I’m working at.  There was a floating car yesterday evening when we were finally dismissed and it took us an extra hour to get home.

My ear STILL hurts.  Really hurts.  The eardrum is perforated & if it doesn’t repair itself, I’ll have to have surgery to fix it.

My classmates are too fucking loud & it’s a good thing I didn’t have a firearm at yesterday’s post-clinical conference.  Because when the subject turned to someone’s dog needing Valium, I about lost my cool.

If you’ve ever seen a C-Section performed, you’d know why you hurt like a bitch afterwards.

I saw a non-cancerous growth the size of a small bowling ball removed today.  It filled the entire uterus & made the woman look pregnant.  I even have a picture as a keepsake.

More later, going to lie down & croak for now.


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  1. Glenn Mark Cassel
    Aug 20, 2010 @ 00:20:27

    Another stirling day enroute to the RN?
    But Me, Jeff, Kath, kc and a few others have faith in you m’Dear! I am aware just how difficult things are.
    My old Navy buddy’s Missus is going through the same drill. At least their girls are grown and on their own.

  2. Glenn Mark Cassel
    Aug 20, 2010 @ 00:22:11

    And I think I am gonna have Jeff make you an integral part of Parrothead Jeff and Friends. Methinks you would be an excellent fit with the rest of us nuts!

  3. Portia
    Aug 20, 2010 @ 08:05:48

    You’re doing great! Still keeping up the grueling school schedule and with a perforated eardrum! Ouch!!

    You’ll be an RN before you know it!

    Yeah, I remember how much it hurt to have a c-section and that was over 25 years ago!

  4. Lnda
    Aug 20, 2010 @ 08:44:49

    I saw a C-section during my clinical rotations, and then on a regular basis when I worked in Resp. Therapy. They aren’t fun, but the prize is so great. The worst one was when the baby was dead. I had to call my boss in to take that one. I just couldn’t do it, and I wasn’t even related. My heart went out to that mom…no baby and major surgery.

    Keep going, hon. Get the antibiotic, and hang in there. Your ear drum will probably heal itself…at least I hope so.

  5. Rick
    Aug 20, 2010 @ 19:36:12

    I have had ear problems i know what you are going through.

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