It’s hot.

That’s not the point though, but I thought I’d throw it in for good measure.

Every since my grandmother died, my mama has been in a funk.   She’s been on an omg-it-is-nearly-that-time-for-us-and-we-are-too-old-to-keep-living routine.  Just last week she was telling me that she thought maybe they should sell the place & move since there’s so much that needs doing.

What needed doing I asked.

Well, the grass needs cutting so much and the shrubbery needs trimming (it’s just out of hand, up to the eaves of the house), and there’s that tree down (over in the woods).

A) The grass does need cutting a lot.
B)  The shrubs are NOT up to the eaves of the house
C)  The downed tree is in the damned woods.  Who cares if it’s there or not?

So, after further discussion, I learned they’ve both gotten it in their heads that after I get my license, I’m going to move off somewhere, closer to a big hospital and won’t be around to help them.

Not gonna happen.

Anyway, today the husband needed to sleep, so the kids and I got up & headed over there and we trimmed bushes, raked it up (holly is hell on the hands) and David hauled all of it off with the tractor.  Now, he’s cutting grass and fire ant hills.  One of the husband’s friends from work came last week and cut up the tree for his own personal firewood.  I guess handling a rake & pitchfork are like riding a bike- something you never forget how to do.  Molly enjoyed it about as much as I did when I was a kid and I

So MAYBE Mama will settle down a bit.

I still think she needs a new hobby.  The house can only stand being cleaned so much.  Daddy finally talked with me about worrying about her not wanting to get out and do anything/go anywhere.

I had to go to the bank yesterday, so I convinced her to go with me.  She seemed to enjoy it, but I can’t do that stuff every day AND handle school & my own housework.

She’s got to find a way to entertain herself sometime soon or the rest of us are going to blow a gasket.


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