I’m a bad Christian.  Yep, a bad one.

See, frankly I don’t give a rat’s rear if you go to Heaven or not unless I care about you.  Even then, I’m not going to “minister” to you or badger you, I’ll just quietly pray at home that you’ll shed the blinders that make you the dipstick you are & you’ll see the light.

And if you don’t, I won’t think less of you, I won’t treat you any differently, I won’t be “against” you.

As a Southern Baptist, I’m taught that I’m supposed to actively try to bring people to God.

Sorry, but the signs to the watering hole are all around you- you chose to drink the water or not, I’m not going to drag you to it, nor am I going to try to make you feel bad for walking past it.  That’s just not my right.

However, I am sick and damned tired of hearing non-believers make fun of and put down believers.

I’m not sick of non-believers.  Not the ones who say, “It’s not for me, but more power to you in your beliefs.”.  Those folks are okay.  I guess they’re the “bad Atheists”.

If so, I sure wish there were MANY MORE BAD Atheists out there.

Because people who do this shit, tend to make me forget my religion.

I work with old folks every day at school.  Belief in God is one of the LAST things these folks have.  Thanks to being generous & kind, a lot of them don’t have a dime left.  Thanks to their greedy-assed children & grandchildren, they feel they have to eat bread & water daily where there is a nice inheritance left for those who’ve never worked a damned real job a day in their lives.  Some of them fell on hard times through no fault of their own, others squandered what they had.  Whatever the reason- be it true financial need or just the fact that they are lonely- many go to senior centers for a daily meal.

For some, that’s the only meal they have.  Even if they have enough money to BUY the food, a lot don’t have the physical stamina to COOK the food.  I’m sure that’s a lost thought when it comes to *the* generation of today, who believes all meals magically appear at the Sushi bar or come out of a box.  It may come as a surprise to some of today’s young nitwits, but old folks don’t think Lean Cuisine is delicious & they think Frappe, sushi, Chef Boyardee & such is bullshit.

So, here you have an old person, too frail or poor to eat well on their own, clinging to the one last thing that gives them hope, comfort & happiness- The Lord- and now you tell them they cannot profess thanks to the entity they believe provided them that one meal a day?

I’ve got nine easily understood words for anyone who thinks that-


Thanks & have a day.


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  1. Glenn Mark Cassel
    May 09, 2010 @ 13:18:58

    Burr under the saddle there, m’ dear? Understand it all too well. Watching my Maternal Grandmother and Paternal Grandfather at the end of their lives.
    The decision of faith is a personal one. And when the members of the family have problems with it, then they have deeper problems.
    And as eloquent as ever………………………..;)

  2. Ami
    May 09, 2010 @ 14:00:34


    I thought of my grandparents… and my parents, too. My mother especially. Her relationship with her God is her treasure, and I’d fight anyone who wanted to take that away from her or control it.


    How did we get to this point in our country?
    How does it harm anyone to let people believe?

  3. Glenn Mark Cassel
    May 09, 2010 @ 21:17:26

    We have been so consumed by the instant gratification of the technological age that it seems that God has been replaced. And the drifting of our society to the left and/or to the point where we are no longer a Representative, Constitutional Republic to a Theocratic Kleptocracy. Example being the godless leadership we have given ourselves in Washington.
    And in that change, the ones who have been instrumental in forming us now have to suffer. I was not around much due to my chosen profession. Being at sea is a hardship on family. All of the family. At least they all were behind that. But the ones who were around were like sharks at a sinking ship. All the Vultures gathered at my Grandfather’s passing. He was very well off. I didn’t get a nickel and didn’t care. Even as the eldest. It wasn’t my money, it was his do with as he saw fit. I had chosen my path in life. And when he passed less than two years after I retired, I was not upset. I was the only grandson who accepted that. I even tried to get out of the reading of the will. I was cut out of it when I re-enlisted after the first hitch. Is was not till the end of my career that he understood. It was a man to man relationship, then.
    My Grandmother was still mad that I had not gone on to university and become a school teacher. That being the profession on my mother’s side. There was a world out there to experience. The best way to see it was in the Navy. No regrets. Some of my cousins still will not deal with me. Can’t worry about what I can not control.
    Rant/Rambling is done. Sorry for the taking up so much space, there Snigs.

  4. oldnfo
    May 09, 2010 @ 21:17:28

    Understood and AGREED!!!!

  5. Glenn Mark Cassel
    May 10, 2010 @ 02:21:01

    Seems that the individuals in charge at that facility should be keel hauled. Or maybe just canned, out on the street. Then see what they have to say!

  6. Portia
    May 10, 2010 @ 23:02:06

    I saw this news today and it really stinks! These people are probably closer to seeing god (the afterlife, heaven, whatever) than anyone and they can’t openly pray? How many of them don’t really understand this? I know my alzheimers mother would not understand this new “rule.” So, if any of them “forget” (Hello! we’re talking the elderly here!) they get openly admonished? They get to be singled out and embarrassed? Who is going to be the prayer police? Who is cold enough to go there and tell these folks that they can no longer pray before meals? Ahhh, the government, of course! BAH!

  7. Rick
    May 11, 2010 @ 01:19:51

    Amen Snigs Amen

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