Thankfully, that’s over!

And I’m feeling 110% better today.  The butcher knife is in its proper place…waiting for next month.

And now, this is how I feel-

Anybody else feel like dancin’? 😀



Monumentum Dies

According to 5 English to Latin translators, that is Latin for Memorial Day.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to post for today.  So many, including myself in the past, have a habit of mixing up the meaning of Memorial Day with that of Veteran’s Day.  This was pointed out to me by a dear friend just a couple of days ago.  If memory serves me correctly, I told him at least they were remembering something, so their hearts were in the right place.

Memorial Day- a day to remember & honor those men & women who made the ultimate sacrifice.


Doesn’t every soldier who is involved in active combat make a sacrifice as well?  I cannot believe that you could watch your friends (seems like a mighty bland word to use in this instance, but my brain fails to come up with a better word) die beside you…or…pull the trigger to fell the enemy…without losing a tiny part of your soul…of yourself.

So, while today may be Monumentum Dies, I will be thinking of all soldiers- past & present, dead & alive- thanking them for what they’ve done for me and praying for them & their families for continued strength.  You all have my greatest admiration and deepest respect.

Wanted: Cave w/o Snakes or Spiders

I’ve been told back in the olden days, when an Indian woman was having that time of the month, she’d go off by herself to a cave to spend the week.

I was also told that was because she was “unclean” in the eyes of the rest of the tribe.


She went to her cave by herself because her family was about to drive her nuts and she knew she didn’t have enough arrowheads & spears to do them all in.

Not to mention, the clean-up after.

Why folks can’t understand it the FIRST time you say, “I’m not being mean, but I feel like shit, my nerves feel raw & I really just want to be quiet & left alone.”, is beyond me.  That seems to be when everybody turns into a freakin’ Chatty Cathy.

What are you doing?

I’m cooking supper. [Seems obvious]

What are we having?

Hamburger steak, peas, turnip greens & squash. [Once again, it seems pretty damned obvious]

Want some help?

No, I’ve got it covered.

You know, the other day blah-blah-blah…

And I pick up a damned hamburger steak with my hand instead of spatula.

PLEASE Marvin K. Mooney, won’t you just go on now?

Then, after I’ve explained the peace & quiet thing a dozen times, they act hurt because that vein on my forehead is standing out like a neon sign & I have picked up the butcher knife for no apparent food-related reason.


I intend to stock my cave with coffee, copious amounts of chocolate, potato chips & toilet paper.  What more could a girl need?


The husband is working the control room tonight and by default, answering the phones.

Reckon this would be a good night to make prank calls?

I’ve not called anyone to see if they had Prince Albert in a can in ages…

Ya know

those dreams you have?  The ones where you’re on the bus and you’ve forgotten your pants…and although nobody else seems to be noticing, you’re still freaking out because YOU DON’T HAVE ON ANY PANTS!!!!11!!!

Well, how ’bout this variation on that dream-

You dream you’re on the bus, but you have your pants on.  Trouble is, one of your friends doesn’t.  And he thinks nobody is noticing his lack of britches…but they are.


So, the next time you have *that* dream, remember, just because you don’t think they’re noticing- doesn’t mean they aren’t.

Y’all have a good start to your weekend, especially those of you who are pantsless in my dreams!  Oh wait, that didn’t come out anything like how I meant it to.  Oh to hell with it.


The end of quarter case study

is done.  Over.  Finished.  Complete.

Due June 9th, but will be turned in June 2nd.

I’m pretty comfortable with how things look from here & I’m hoping for smooth sailing from now until June 14th.  Now, I can relax & enjoy my weekend!!!

Will the class come to order?

Apparently, Endofthequarteritis has its grip on the class.

Some are bitchy, some are just worn out, some are panicking and some are being silly.

3 guesses as to which symptom I’m suffering from.

When discussing care of the patient with radiation pellets embedded in their skin, the instructions were Get in there, do what you have to & get out quick.  Someone asked how to give them a bed bath…

Somebody, haven’t a clue who [whistling innocently] said to stand at the door with a water hose.

Teacher writes some stuff on the board, part of which is the word orchidectomy.  She says, “That sounds really bad, doesn’t it?”.

That same somebody said, “Not some days.” and then mumbled, “Hell, if you offered an orchidectomy to most men, they’d think they were about to receive flowers.”.

There was a lot of giggling in class today.

Don’t know who that horrible joker was, but I think she should be ashamed of herself.  Now, I must go polish my halo.

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