It’s My Birthday! (Not exactly)

However, it IS Adoption Day!

40 years ago today, I legally became the child of my nifty parents, so that’s sorta like a birthday, isn’t it?

I believe I must be the happiest adopted child on Earth.  In 40 years, I’ve never once wondered where I got my biological start or who gave it to me.

Anyway, can’t sit around typing about it, because I’ve got to get a bath & all in preparation for celebration.  Mama, Daddy & I are going out to eat for lunch.

Y’all have a fantastic Friday!


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  1. Crucis
    Apr 30, 2010 @ 11:24:34

    Congratulations. My God-daughter is adopted. Her mother just had too many mouths to feed and when she found she was pregnant again, decided on adoption. She was married (still is as far as I know) and already had four children. She is still in her daughter’s life. She attends her birthdays as do her biological g’parents and all have very good relationships.

    This same family adopted a second girl a couple of years later. Her mother was in the county jail on drug charges. This woman, unlike the first, has shown little interest in her daughter. It’s pretty moot since she’ll be in the slammer for another ten years.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this family adopted another at some point.

  2. Linda
    Apr 30, 2010 @ 14:34:03

    Congrats, Snig, and to your parents! It sounds like a happy family, as all families should be!

  3. Skul
    May 01, 2010 @ 03:14:21

    Yes, that’s sorta like a birthday.
    Happy Birthday, Snigs.

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