Afternoon Snooze

We all came in from lunch and finally getting to the eye doctor to pick up contacts and glasses (and lighten my pocketbook nearly the ENTIRE paycheck picked up this morning) and were hot & tired.  Summer is here apparently- 86* not long ago.

Anyway, we crashed in the living room, but David crashed the hardest.

Reckon he’ll be ready to do me bodily harm when he sees this posted?



Correct Me If I’m Wrong

But the word illegal means something is not legal.

Crime can pretty basically be defined as an act that is not legal.

Committing a crime generally gets you arrested.

So, illegal = not legal; crime = not legal; by the commutative property then, illegal = crime.

If you’re doing something illegal, you’re committing a crime and therefore, you’re subject to being arrested.

What’s the problem with understanding that?  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist.

Part 2

If a white male midget commits a crime (does something illegal) and is being sought for arrest…

…does it make any sense to detain a six foot six black woman?

Um, no.


If you’re Mexican and you’re illegally in the United States, you have committed a crime and should by law be arrested.  I don’t expect any six foot six black women or midget white males to be detained for possibly being a Mexican Illegal Immigrant.

It’s not “racial profiling” and it IS within a state’s power (Hell, it is a state’s RESPONSIBILITY) to stop a suspected illegal Mexican immigrant and say SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS or else.

The moral of the story:

Arizona rocks for having the balls to take responsibility for the law and do something about it.

It’s My Birthday! (Not exactly)

However, it IS Adoption Day!

40 years ago today, I legally became the child of my nifty parents, so that’s sorta like a birthday, isn’t it?

I believe I must be the happiest adopted child on Earth.  In 40 years, I’ve never once wondered where I got my biological start or who gave it to me.

Anyway, can’t sit around typing about it, because I’ve got to get a bath & all in preparation for celebration.  Mama, Daddy & I are going out to eat for lunch.

Y’all have a fantastic Friday!

Sink, swim, or tread, I don’t care

but STFU about it.

At clinical Tuesday, we had a critical incident occur.  A critical incident is anything that could wind up being harmful to the patient- screwed up medications, doing something leads to a patient falling, ANYTHING that isn’t good for the patient.

The critical incident was one of my fellow students telling the nurse, “No I cannot take the patient’s vital signs while she receives a blood transfusion, because it’s time for me to go to lunch.” and she walked off the unit without telling anyone about it.  Somewhere along the line, she got the idea this was a Union gig and her lunch time was her lunch time, no matter what was going on.  (For those that don’t know- when a patient is receiving a blood transfusion, their vitals have to be taken at very specific intervals to assure no signs of reaction are taking place)

She’d been attending my patients as well, while I was at lunch and left them for me- wet & covered with shit after telling me “Nothing was going on with either of them” and that’s the same thing she told me about her patients, as I was to cover for her during her break.

Anyway, the regular nurse told the teacher (as she well should have) and the teacher’s reaction was, “Huh?!?”.  One of my other classmates chose to inform her as to what the nurse was talking about.  The teacher was then gunning for the team leader (as she well should have) and the classmate that told about the incident took up for her.

Now, everyone thinks that classmate is a rotten snitch.

Insert rolling eyes here.  In fact, insert eyes rolling to the back of the head & back again, several times.

Anyway, the student who committed the critical incident failed for the week.  Critical incidents are an automatic 40 points off.  Now, I don’t giggle at her for losing those points & failing, however, she is the biggest damned Know It All in the class.  She is always right (even though she doesn’t have the highest grade average), in one breath she tells how she studies all the time- in the tub, when eating, when waiting in line at the grocery store and in the other breath she tells that she has a “photographic memory”.  Last I checked, folks with photographic memories didn’t have to study all the endearing time.  She also thinks she’s got this nursing thing in the bag.  Oh, did I mention that she’s a drama queen & really hammed it up when we were practicing drawing blood on each other?  The student that stuck her missed the vein, she bled about 3 drops and promptly had to put her head between her knees because she felt sick & was about to pass out from “all the blood loss”.

And I thought *I* was the class actress.

Oh puh-lease.

Anyway, she nearly shits her pants over a B & cries over a C, so I can only imagine what an F on her pristine (in her mind) record will do for her.

I hope the hell it makes her more likely to do her damned job.