Sears Tinkled in Their Own Cornflakes

My mom & dad have utterly perfect credit.  Pristine.  Flawless.  Outstanding.

If there is a better word for top of the line credit scores, it would apply to them.

Until February that is.

They each have a Sears card.  Two separate accounts.  They pay off these (and all their other cards) monthly.  Pitiful, poor ol’ Sears never gets a dime of interest, nor do any other companies.

Anyway, after paying her account in January, she realized the bill for Dad’s account had never come.  It is the one where they’ve got a recurrent charge for some credit fraud thing, so he gets a bill every month for $13.95.  January’s bill didn’t arrive, so she called Sears.  They told her that the bill had been returned as undeliverable.


Confirmed the address was correct and all that good stuff and in confirming the balance, she found they’d hit her with a late charge.

She asked the customer service chick to look back over the card history and tell her when, if ever, they’d been late paying.  We’re talking a 40 year history here without the first late payment.

CS chick finds nothing but timely payments, apologizes, wipes the late fees off and asks if Mama wants a new bill.  She replies with yes and CS chick asks “When?”.  >.<  “Um, NOW would be a great time.”.  She assures Mama it will go out immediately & Mama gets it TWO weeks later.

Gotta love NOW in TWO WEEKS.

So…the late fee has been removed, Mama sends the check for $13.95.  All is right with the world, right?


By the time the resent bill came, it was time for the regular bill.  Now, I’m not accusing my Mama of being forgetful really, but apparently she wasn’t thinking that it was bill time again.

Fast forward to the first part of April.  She realized then she’d not gotten February OR March’s bills on Daddy’s account.  She called again and once again they told her that the bills were being returned as “Undeliverable As Addressed”.  Now, our postman is a family friend.  Not necessarily the smartest family friend, but a friend none-the-less and he wouldn’t be sending that ONE bill back.

Anyway, they told her at Sears that the balance was now $70-some odd dollars.  Two charges of $13.95 each, plus late fees and interest.  AND they’d frozen the account.

I could see her blood boiling from over here, I tell you.

They could wipe the interest charges away IF she’d go to her “local” Sears store and pay the bill THAT day.  The “local” Sears store is 70+ miles away.  After she told them that, they said they could take a check by phone.

Mama is still old-school and doesn’t believe in that, especially after one time I authorized a payment like that for $30 that got run through the bank as $300.

So, they were really sorry and all but the late charges would stick AND they raised the interest rate to 40-something percent.

She mailed them a check last week (after she got a hard copy of the bill in hand- which was “immediately” being sent on April 2nd) along with the cards for both their accounts, chopped in tiny pieces and a nice letter.

Mama doesn’t throw anything away apparently- she went back through her bank ledger 30 years and totaled up every check ever written to Sears and it would have paid 2 or 3 employees salaries.

I knew she was pissed when she told me that she just wanted to say (and yep, this is a direct quote) “Sears, you can go F yourself!”.

I had my own reason to not do business with the shitheads anymore (we bought a push mower from them recently and no matter how many times I say NO, HELL NO, NO WAY IN HELL, THANK YOU & HAVE A DAY, they call 3-4 times a day to offer us an extended warranty that costs nearly as much as the mower cost!) and this is just icing on the cake.


Top 10 Things

that will get a redneck’s gas grill shut off during hamburger grilling….










1.  The wife appearing in nothing but sandals and a smile on the back deck.

Not that I’d know this from experience or anything.