What Happened to My Weekend?

Spent Friday with Mama, hoping to keep her at least partially sane.  Sanity still intact.

Spent Saturday 0800-1300 at the health fair, working.  Spent an hour afterwards shopping for an appropriate dress.  (Got Molly a dress too and all I can say is OH SHIT!  Best get the baseball bat AND the BlackHawk ready and on standby.  I swear, I don’t remember having that much “shape” at 13.  >.<

Today, I’ve got to go back to Disgusta, er Augusta, to the hospital to get patient assignments ready for tomorrow.  She’s thrown me to the wolves & I’ve got team leader duties straight off the bat.  Anyway, I’ll spend 4-5 hours including drive-time getting that shit together and cannot do it until after 1300.

Tomorrow, clinical from 0700-1900.  Have to leave at 0500 and hope to get home by 2100.  It’s going to be a long day. >.<

Tuesday.  Oh how I dread Tuesday.  Have to be in Augusta at 0900 for a career fair.  Won’t stay long (even though it will count 12 hours toward clinical time!!!), dash back home, pick up the kids from school, come in change clothes and head to Athens for the memorial service at 1500.  70 miles to Augusta, 70 miles back, 10 miles to the school, 10 miles back, 50 miles to Athens, 50 miles back.  I haven’t had to drive that much in one day in awhile.

I think my wagon is gonna be draggin’ by Wednesday.