Every title I try to give this post sounds trite and that isn’t my intent.

My grandmother continues to hang in there, somehow or another.  She hasn’t eaten in over a week, her oxygen saturation level is low enough to send my nursing instructors into massive MIs & she hasn’t opened her eyes in several days.

I hate what this is doing to my Mom and I can tell she doesn’t want to answer the phone when I have called her.  She’s usually a two-ring answerer, but today the answering machine has nearly beat her to the phone.

She knows the call is coming, but doesn’t want to get it.

Amazingly, the half-sister was downright nice to her last night.  Well…not so amazingly.  Mama is the only sibling with money and LaVerne knows funerals are expensive.  A blind, drunken, flea in a meth induced coma could figure that one out, eh?

I think I had 2 hours of sleep last night & feel shot at & missed, but shit at & hit tonight.

Took tests 4 & 5 of the week today and actually made A’s on both of them.  Which reminds me, why do people ask you for information when they know they’re not going to believe you because *they* are always right?

“Standard” drop rates- 10 gtt/ml for blood, 15 gtt/ml for adults, 60 gtt/ml for kids.

Told a chick that this morning when she asked me about 5 times.  I guess she thought I didn’t know what I was talking about & she used her numbers (that I have NO idea where she got them)…

I made 100, she made 40.  Serves her right.  Dammit.

Depending on how things go, I’m supposed to be working Saturday morning at a health fair, taking blood pressures.  That *might* turn out to be a little fun, as I plan to find some devilment to get into.

I think it’s bedtime though.  I just burped and it tasted like beer…and um, I’m only drinking coffee.  Took some Tums earlier that I think were Ivory Soap flavored.  Oh, and I read the entire Mental Health ATI book & I’m pretty sure 90% of the info in it applies to me & most everybody else I know.  I know what you’re thinking- YOU ARE nuts, Snigs!

Well, to quote the best line ever uttered on The A-Team (those were few & far between weren’t they?)-

I’m not nuts.  I used to be, but I got a promotion.  Now, I’m condiments.

Thanks for the well-wishes, thoughts, prayers & moral support.  It means a lot to me.