Misplaced Sadness

Well, I’ve thought this situation was occurring before, thanks to bad information from my mother’s less than human half-sister.

However, it looks like it’s for real this time.  My grandmother fell a couple of weekends ago and did some damage to her forehead.  Now, some of the nurses at the facility say she was “checked out”, but then others say that the half-sister (who has power of attorney) refused to let her be checked out.

Since that time, she’s quit talking & hasn’t been eating well.  25% or less of each meal is all she’s eating and in CNA terms, that could mean she took one bite & spit it out.

Anyway, the nursing home called my mom and told her they’re pretty sure this is the end, so Mama & Daddy have gone to be there.

As I stated before, I was not close to my grandmother.  I tried to be, but amidst the lies she told, I found it impossible to become close to her.  I mourn the relationship that could have been, but do not mourn reality.

Being an only child, I feel a great responsibility to be here for my mother.  Not to mention, that’s what you do when you love someone.

Hopefully, should this be the end for my grandmother, she will finally find the peace she searched for apparently all of her life.

The only good thing that can come of her death, if such a thing really exists, is that my Mom will not be forced to have any more dealings with this wretched, good for nothing, literally evil woman who is her half-sister.

(For those who’ve never read the back story– this is the half-sister who repeatedly made attempts to sleep with my father, who calls my mother incredibly ugly names, who had her friends call my mother in the middle of the night when my dad was on the road & tell her they were sleeping with him, who tore my mom’s family apart by pitting all the brothers & sisters against each other while trying to cover up the affair she was having, who poisoned my grandfather (admitted it to my mom, but not enough evidence to make a case against her at the time), who over-dosed my grandmother numerous times while she lived with her, who scalded my head with chemicals and nearly made me lose all my hair at one time (she was a beautician), who trashed her own sons’ home when she & my uncle divorced- she slit their mattresses, poured flour & meal on the carpet throughout the house, then used the water hose to wet it all down, stole the belongings of her OWN CHILDREN to sell, threw paint on all the walls, took the fire poker to some of the walls, ripped the toilets out of the floor– all with the help of her father & the guy she was having the affair with.  She’s never been allowed to see her grandchildren and it’s doubtful she’ll ever meet her great-grandchildren.  I could go on, but the list is far too long to type.  If you believe in the devil, you can believe that LaVerne is the devil incarnate.)