So, quite a few months back, 2 unrelated cats turned up at my mom & dad’s house.  One was a Siamese (who we thought was a boy- it’s wild and although it comes to eat when you call it, there’s not been anyone who could get their hands on it yet) and the other was a pretty, long-haired um, cat.

Well to make a long story short, both cats started getting fat at an amazing rate of speed and it was surmised that both were pregnant.

They both had their kitten/kittens within a week of each other and 5 days after the long-haired cat had hers, she showed up at the back door very unhappy.  Her baby died and she was mourning big.

A few days later, we noticed that the two cats were taking turns coming to the house & eating.  Sheba (the long-haired kitty) would leave and 20 minutes or so later, Zippy (the Siamese) would show up.  Seems they were co-parenting.

Today, when we were out looking at the storm damage from Thursday, Sheba appeared with a tiny Siamese fuzzball.  Seems she’s adopted this little fella.  Not sure why- perhaps Zippy culled it out as it is missing a back foot.  ??

Whatever the reason, Sheba treats it like it is hers.  Animal adoption- pretty sweet if you ask me.


In case you lost count

18 weeks, 2 days.

Made good time on the drive in, but damn navigating the halls of that joint is something else.

Orientation was boring as snot.  Learning to use a glucose monitor, um, been doing that for years.  As to the computer training, I’m pretty sure I know more about their system than the chick “teaching” it.  Her answer to most questions was, “Good question.”.

18 weeks.

2 days.

I think I’ll make it.