Hello Mulberry Bush

I feel like I’m on my 3rd or 4th trip around one anyway.

Clinicals start tomorrow with orientation.  I was a lucky ducky and drew the even further away hospital out of the hat. >.<

Looks like I’ll be leaving at 0445 for nine of the 16 days.  The other seven will be later departure times, thankfully.

Not sure how I feel about those 8 days.  One of them, I’ll be riding with a home health nurse.  Been there, done that.  One day I’ll be at a mental health clinic that morning and an oncology center that afternoon.  I’m afraid they might not let me leave the mental health clinic.  Two of the seven will be spent at Adult Daycare centers.  Oh joy.  Another will be spent at an Alzheimer’s Unit.   The other 3- a Career Fair (not so bad, we won’t be there but from 0900-1200; Field Day (I shit you not.  40 and having to attend a Field Day >.<) and the 3rd is a secret- can’t tell you about it until after it happens.

Of my 8 days at the hospital, I’m in OR one day & pushing meds 2 days.  That means I only have 5 days on the floor.  That bothers me.  I’d really rather be doing what I’m going to be doing once I graduate.


Why didn’t someone tell me

Dixie Carter died?

She was my television role model (well, so was Linda Carter/Wonder Woman) when I was a kid.  She was the best of the Designing Women in my opinion.  Super smart, sassy, smooth, graceful, & elegant.

She uttered the best line ever on that show as well and I remember it word-for-word today-

On behalf of women everywhere I’d like to say, THANK YOU RAY DON.


Her character was a true Southern lady and from all I can tell, Dixie Carter was too.